Mandatory Disclosures

Mandatory Disclosures

Schemes running in the Institute (CTS and MES etc., under NCVT)

Name of the Scheme Total Capacity Duration Admitted in current Financial Year Current Status
Craftsmen Training        
Modular Employable        
Other Schemes        

Trades Affiliated to NCVT and SCVT

Name of the Trade
(Linked to No. of
the respective Syllabus
with Units DGET Website)
No. of Units Shifts Running
(I / II / III)
per unit
Affiliation Date /
Copy of DGET
order Link
Fitter 2 (1 + 1)  I    
DGET -Order Copy-1
DGET -Order Copy-2
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Welder 2 (1 + 1)  I    
SMW 2 (1 + 1)  I    

Summary of Trades Affiliated to NCVT

Trade Name Shift Intake Capacity Total No.
of Units
1st 2nd 3rd

Summary of Trades Affiliated to SCVT

Trade Name Shift Intake Capacity Total No.
of Units
1st 2nd 3rd

Court Cases and Status :

a. In which court, b. Institute / Management Committee / Trainees / Trainers are Party

CWP No. / Name of the Court Year Issue Status

Right to Information :

Appellate Officer Name Designation Contact No.

Details of Inspection(s) conducted by State and Central Government

Date of Inspection Purpose of Inspection Inspecting Team Report
Name Designation Office Address

Certification such as ISO 9000, ISO 299990 etc., if any:


Funds Status :

Sl. No. Budget Alloted Assisted Scheme
(DGET/World Bank etc.)
Annual / Five Year Budget used

DGET and State Government Orders issued from time to time

Order reference number and Date Subject of the Order Copy of the Order Scanned Hyperlink

Ratings of Institute by QCI or any other agency :


Grievance Redressal Mechanism :